What's paytwit?

Paytwit is the best and most advanced network system for sending and receiving money by different ways like momentary, guaranteed and timed. We have exclusive and unique features like money bank and network ports in different currency wallets(toman, dollar, euro, bitcoin), and also exchanging all the mentioned currencies to each other in a blink of an eye with the best price and lowest wage.

Sending and receiving all the supported currencies can be done worldwide by the users within a few seconds.

Assuring the payer's money and the feature of sending refundable timed money make the paytwit a safe space for the users.

You can withdraw in all kinds of supported currencies in paytwit (toman, dollar, euro, bitcoin)

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Why paytwit?

Nowadays most of the commercial and financial activities are being done on the network. and by the development of the network system, if you go ahead with a bit anticipation and correct choices, you can earn an incredible income by exchanges and activities in this space without any bother. Paytwit is ready to develop your business with its exclusive and unique features. You just need to choose the correct choices with a bit of anticipation...

Safe and secure

One of the most important factors of a business in the cyberspace is safety, you can feel the safety every moment in paytwit.

Long time investment

Nowadays the idea of hardworking is the only way to earn great income is not accepted, you can earn the great income with a great thinking and anticipation, buying and selling the world's currency and exchanging them to each other in the proper time is one of the ways of it.

Purchasing from Gateway

One of the biggest troubles of the E-commerce is the limitations of user's access to the different currencies for buying from online shops. With paytwit, you can purchase easily from any shop which has the paytwit payment port.

worldwide currency

One of the greatest ways of earning money is working with the greatest world's currencies like dollar, euro and bitcoin. Exchanging these currencies to each other can change anyone's life in a short time. All of the mentioned currencies are being supported on paytwit.

Safe transactions

An important part of the network deals is safety. By the timed deposit services of paytwit, insure your money and by the accessibility of the refund feature, assure of your deal's validation.

Easy transferring

Transfer your money for anybody anywhere in the world in a few seconds. The momentary deposit feature of paytwit is one of the most unique ways of sending money worldwide. Don't miss it!

Steps of creating an account

Follow the steps below to open an account and use the Paytwit Service


sign up on site

Enter the sign up menu, choose your account type and fill out the form.


Submitting identification documents

Confirm your address, phone number and identification information and wait for the operator to call you.


Account activation

After the confirmation and activation of account, you can create currency accounts (toman, dollar, euro and bitcoin)

Create a new account

Guidelines of paytwit services

To observe the list of services and complete informations about paytwit, check here.

Paytwit guidelines

Personal account

Sending, receiving and exchanging all the supported currencies, shopping from submitted sites, online or manual charging of the account, requesting money from friends and so many features.

Create a personal account

Business account

Online payment ports supporting all the mentioned currencies, online or manual charge, sending or receiving or exchanging currencies, requesting money from other and a lot more.

Create a Business account